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Agency for Cremation The body can be buried or cremated according to the wishes and the religion of the deceased, Cremation in Palermo, Italy-Sicily Cremation in Palermo; €. 471.16 MUNICIPALITY OF PALERMO ITALY; DESCRIPTION OF SERVICE Funeral Home Trinca Nunzio

Cremazione Agenzia Palermo Italia

Agenzia per la Cremazione Il corpo può essere sepolto o cremato secondo i desideri e la religione del defunto, Cremazione a Palermo, Italia-Sicilia cremazione a Palermo; €. 471,16 COMUNE DI PALERMO ITALIA; DESCRIZIONE DEL SERVIZIO Funeral Home page Trinca Nunzio

Cremation Agency Palermo Italy

Cremation is an operation that is through the coffin containing the body, at a suitable structure with crematorium located in a cemetery, and la successiva collection of ashes in an urn sealed bearing a label on the outside non-erasable concerning the deceased. The measure authorization is issued by the municipality, following the acceptance of the application and the payment of the rights, and the service is now inside the cemetery of St. Mary of the scrolls.


The service must be requested by a relative of the deceased or a funeral home in charge accomplishment and formalities relating to the operation.


Operative Unit Front Office Unified Service Management Systems cemetery of the city of Palermo – Via Lincoln, 144 Corso dei Mille.


The request for authorization to cremation is valid if it contains the identity of the applicant and the company when contracted, concerning the deceased to be cremated, the declaration of conformity of the coffin, the date and the signatures of the applicant and the company if appointed. The application shall be accompanied by a photocopy of the identity of the applicant, the photocopy of the identity of the owner or legal representative of the funeral and the required attachments as appropriate.


The issue of the provision authorizing cremation is contextual to the receipt of a complete all the required documents and payment of the rights. The fixed fees charged are of € 471.16 for the cremation of a corpse, of € 324.16 for the cremation of mortal remains (rates in the table, item number 18). The rights for placement in cells cinerarie, requiring OU Concessions, vary according to the file will be located where the cell or if the cell is granted in a communal burial the rate is € 99.32 (items 21 & 22). No right shall be paid for the cremation of corpses of subjects for which we proceeded to the removal of organs for transplantation.


– By postal mail or direct mail; – By bank transfer; – POS at U.O. Front Office unified.


The process is completed with the release of the provision authorizing the cremation, the delivery of a copy to the applicant and sending by mail a copy to the cemetery.


The cremation of remains of deceased persons before 10.27.1990 is possible only by the express will of the deceased. The cremation of remains of deceased persons after the date of entry into force of Presidential Decree No. 285/1990 is permitted, at their request, with the production of the above documentation, even for bodies from exhumation and estumulazione.

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Agency for Cremation